Popdog changelog
Popdog changelog

A Better Way To Browse

We heard you, your favorite channels and collections are now more easily accessible and browsable thanks to our new sidebar design. All of the content you care about, at your fingertips, from anywhere on the site. Channel surfers rejoice!

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It's hard to share all the links and messiness that comes with telling your friends what streamers you follow and where you can find them. BAM! Enter Collections, an easy way to do just that.

Using Collections, you can now create your own shareable streamer playlists, link those lists with other users, and bookmark them for later.

Improved Focus Mode

We've been "focusing" (pun intended) our time these days on a bunch of major updates to Popdog that are coming out in the next month or so, but we wanted to shoot out a cool improvement to our previously released feature of 'Focus Mode.' See the changes below:

  • Revamped the design to limit distractions.
  • Chat now populates even when it's closed unlike on other platforms where all activity closes and reloads.
  • Added a Peek Chat button, allowing you to have quick access to chat without taking up that sweet, prime stream real estate.

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Channel Hiding

You're now able to hide the channels you're not interested in seeing on Popdog anymore. If you think this song is about you, well…

And despite what our example GIF below might suggest, we do love Chess!

Screenshot 2020-06-05 at 14.23.08.gif

Favorite Your Followed Channels.

You can now Favorite the channels you follow in order to show those channels more prominently in your crazy long list of cool creators.

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Performance upgrades.

Ah yes… the typical update you see companies push time to time that's a bit boring. We did a bunch of improvements this week around supporting external platforms more efficiently.

Now with 100% more Dark Mode.

We heard you. No, really, everyone told us to do this, so we did it.

Now, by clicking that little sun icon in the top right, you can replace the entire look of the site with a style less painful to the eyes. Yep, with one click of the sun you can turn day into night for your entire Popdog viewing experience (and be even more metal this way).

Improved Stream Tiles

We've updated the design of our stream tiles to make them easier to read, easier to see, and well… just easier everything. Specifically:

  • Improved design for greater readability.
  • Expanded titles to support more characters.
  • Added a streaming platform indicator.


Some things we think we made better...

  • Watch URLs (eg. /twitch/LIRIK/watch or /mixer/shroud/watch). Give links to your friends that don't look like you're trying to steal their credit card info anymore!

  • Native app redirects. Directly linking streams from mobile devices on Popdog now suggests it might be better if you watched that stream natively on that platform's app.

  • Disabled cookie notice. Added warning messages on watch pages for people with disabled cookies or who were using Brave browser (w/ shield up).

Esports Spoiler Toggle

You'll never get the results of your esports matches spoiled again.